What Is A BPP Test?

What Is A BPP Test?

A biophysical profile (BPP) is a prenatal test used to check on your baby’s well-being. The test uses fetal ultrasound (and sometimes fetal heart rate monitoring in the form of a nonstress test) to evaluate a baby’s breathing, muscle tone, movements, and level of amniotic fluid.

The biophysical profile is scored out of 8 – two points are given for breathing, muscle tone, gross body movements and amniotic fluid.  Biophysical profiles are typically performed in the office for high risk pregnancies in which fetal surveillance is recommended.  Sometimes a biophysical profile is performed if a nonstress test is not reassuring.  If a biophysical profile is not reassuring, further evaluation at the hospital may be recommended.  

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At Northside/Northpoint OB/GYN of Alpharetta and Atlanta, GA, we offer care for every stage of pregnancy so women can stay healthy from conception through delivery. A biophysical profile is a noninvasive test and will not cause any physical risks to you or your baby. Find out whether our biophysical profile test in Alpharetta and Atlanta might benefit your baby—call us today at (404) 255 3633.

What Can I Expect

A biophysical profile test typically requires no special preparation.
A biophysical profile test can be done in your provider’s office and will take about 30 minutes or so to complete.

A biophysical profile test is a noninvasive test that poses no physical risks to your baby or you. 

Call our main office at (404) 255 3633 to schedule an appointment.

Your provider might recommend a biophysical profile test if:

  • Your pregnancy is past your due date
  • You have a medical condition, such as high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Your baby has possible fetal growth problems or decreased fetal movements
  • You have too much amniotic fluid or a low amniotic fluid volume
  • You will be 40 or older at the time of delivery

What Happens During A BPP Test?

During the biophysical ultrasound exam, you’ll lie down on an exam table. Your ultrasound technician will apply a small amount of gel to your abdomen. Then they will roll a small device called a transducer over your skin. The BPP ultrasound transducer will emit pulses of sound waves that will be translated into a pattern of light and dark areas, creating your baby’s image on a monitor. The ultrasound technician will then evaluate your baby’s body movements, breathing movements, muscle tone, and level of amniotic fluid. If your baby is asleep, this part of the BPP ultrasound test might take a little while longer.

When the biophysical profile test is complete, your provider will discuss your results with you right away.

To schedule an appointment, call our main office at (404) 255 3633, or if you’re an existing patient click here. We service the area of Buckhead in Atlanta, Dunwoody, Roswell, Forsyth, Cumming, North Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Alpharetta in Fulton County, GA.

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