Premier Gynecology Care with the Top Gynecologists at Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN

Whether you are in your teens looking for your first gynecologist or in your golden years seeking menopause management, Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN has got you covered.

At Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN, we recognize the significance of this aspect of health care. We are dedicated to guiding and supporting women through every chapter of their reproductive journey, from the onset of menstruation to menopause and beyond. Our team of expert gynecologists provides comprehensive, empathetic, and personalized care, ensuring that each woman's unique health needs are met with the highest standard of gynecology excellence.

Comprehensive Range of Gynecologic Services

At Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of gynecologic services to meet the unique needs of women at every stage of life. Our team of expert gynecologists and specialists is committed to delivering the highest standard of care, blending advanced medical knowledge with a compassionate and personalized approach. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, we ensure every patient receives the attention and expertise necessary for optimal gynecological health.

Annual Well-Woman Exams

Our annual well-woman exams are fundamental to preventative healthcare. These gynecology exams are more than just routine checks; they are a proactive approach to maintaining wellness and preventing disease. Our expert gynecologists meticulously evaluate overall health, conduct thorough breast exams, and perform detailed pelvic exams. These comprehensive assessments are key in detecting potential health issues early and keeping track of any changes in your health year over year.

Breast and Pelvic Exams

Breast and pelvic exams are critical components of our gynecological care. We approach these gynecology exams with utmost precision and care, understanding their crucial role in the early detection of health issues. Regular breast and pelvic exams are vital for identifying abnormalities at an early stage, which is often key to successful treatment. Our skilled gynecologist ensures these exams are conducted in a comfortable and respectful environment, with your well-being as our top priority.


Vaccinations are an essential part of preventive healthcare. At Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN gynecologists, we offer a full range of vaccinations, including HPV (Human Papillomavirus), flu, hepatitis A & B, and Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis). These gynecology vaccines are carefully administered to protect against common and serious diseases, playing a significant role in safeguarding your long-term health.

Nutrition and Fitness Counseling

We recognize the profound impact of lifestyle on health. Our nutrition and fitness counseling services are tailored to your individual needs, helping you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our expert team of gynecologists guides diet and exercise, empowering you to make informed choices about your health. This counseling is an integral part of our holistic approach to gynecologic care, ensuring that lifestyle factors positively contribute to your overall well-being.

Advanced Diagnostic Services

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide advanced diagnostic services. We offer onsite mammography and bone density testing, crucial for the early detection and management of breast health and osteoporosis. Our GYN ultrasound capabilities allow for detailed imaging of the female reproductive system. Additionally, we provide colposcopy and saline infusion sonography, essential for in-depth internal examinations. These advanced diagnostic tools enable us to offer precise and timely assessments, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Specialized Reproductive Health and Family Planning with Our Gynecologist Specialists

Our specialized services in reproductive health and family planning are designed with a commitment to support and empower women, helping them make informed and personalized decisions about their reproductive futures.

Family Planning

Our comprehensive family planning services are more than just providing contraceptive options; they are about understanding and respecting each woman’s unique life goals and health needs. We offer a wide range of contraceptive methods, including oral contraceptives, various types of intrauterine devices (IUDs) like Liletta, Kyleena, and Paragard, and the Nexplanon implant. Your consultation with the OB gynecologist will be thorough, ensuring you have all the information needed to choose the method that best aligns with your lifestyle and health objectives.

Fertility Evaluations

Recognizing the importance of fertility in many women’s lives, we provide advanced fertility evaluations using cutting-edge techniques. Our OB gynecologist uses Femvue, an innovative approach for assessing tubal patency, which is a prime example of our commitment to offering state-of-the-art reproductive health services. These evaluations are conducted with sensitivity and expertise, offering valuable insights into your reproductive health and assisting in mapping out the best path forward for your fertility journey.

Expert Gynecological Care and Management by Northside/Northpoint OB Gynecologists

At Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN, we deliver expert gynecological care, addressing a broad spectrum of women's health issues with precision and sensitivity. Our services are designed to offer thorough and individualized care, ensuring every aspect of your gynecological health is attentively managed.

Cancer Screenings

Our cancer screening process is meticulous and focused on early detection. Our ob gynecologist will conduct comprehensive cervical and breast cancer screenings, as these are crucial for identifying potential issues at an early stage when treatment can be most effective. This proactive approach to cancer screening is a vital part of our commitment to safeguarding your health.

Preconception Counseling

For women planning to conceive, our preconception counseling with an expert gynecologist doctor offers invaluable guidance. We provide thorough health assessments and advice to ensure a healthy start to pregnancy. This service is aimed at preparing your body for pregnancy, addressing any health concerns, and optimizing your overall wellness for the journey ahead.

Endometriosis and Fibroids Management

Endometriosis and fibroids can significantly impact your quality of life. Our clinic specializes in the expert diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. Our gynecologist doctor focuses not just on alleviating symptoms but also on providing long-term management strategies to improve your overall well-being.

Menstrual Irregularities Management

Menstrual irregularities, including abnormal bleeding and pain, are areas of special focus of the gynecologist doctor at our clinic. We understand the discomfort and concern these issues can cause and offer specialized care to manage and treat these conditions, aiming to restore comfort and balance.

Menopause Treatment and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Navigating menopause is a significant phase in a woman’s life. We provide comprehensive gynecology care for menopausal symptoms and offer hormone replacement therapy tailored to your individual needs. Our approach is to ensure that this transition is as smooth and comfortable as possible, with treatments customized to your specific symptoms and health profile.

Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment

Recognizing the crucial role of bone health, especially as women age, we offer osteoporosis screening and treatment. Our gynecologist doctor’s focus is on early detection and proactive management to prevent bone density loss, ensuring your long-term health and mobility.

Comprehensive STD Testing and Treatment

We provide confidential and comprehensive testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Our approach is discreet, respectful, and thorough, ensuring you receive the best care while maintaining your privacy and dignity.

Pelvic Pain Management

Pelvic pain can arise from various causes, and our team is skilled in diagnosing and treating these diverse conditions. We are committed to identifying the root cause of your discomfort and providing effective gynecology treatment options to alleviate pain and improve your quality of life.

Urinary Incontinence Evaluation and Management

Understanding the impact of urinary incontinence on daily life, we offer effective solutions to manage this condition. Our treatments are focused on improving your comfort and quality of life, with a range of options tailored to your specific needs.

Advanced Surgical Care from Skilled OB Gynecologists

We are equipped to provide advanced surgical care for conditions that require surgical intervention. Our approach combines state-of-the-art techniques with a deep commitment to patient safety and well-being, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Embracing the latest advancements in medical technology, we offer minimally invasive and robotic surgeries. These procedures, including advanced laparoscopy, robotic hysterectomy, and robotic myomectomy, are at the forefront of surgical care.

Our minimally invasive techniques are designed to be effective while reducing recovery time, minimizing discomfort, and lessening the impact on your body. By utilizing robotic surgery, we enhance precision, flexibility, and control during the operation, leading to better outcomes and shorter hospital stays.

In addition to our minimally invasive options, we also skillfully perform traditional surgical procedures. Myomectomy and hysterectomy are carried out with the highest level of precision and care, tailored to each patient’s specific condition and health needs. Our experienced gynecology surgical team ensures that traditional approaches are conducted safely and effectively, prioritizing your health and recovery at every step.

Our surgical care at Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN is focused not just on resolving medical conditions but also on ensuring that your overall experience is as comfortable and positive as possible.

Why Choose Northside/Northpoint as Your Trusted OB Gynecologist Specialist?

Choosing the right gynecologist specialist is crucial for your health and well-being. At Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN, we offer a unique blend of professional expertise and compassionate care, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible treatment tailored to their individual needs. Here’s why we stand out as the preferred choice for gynecological care:

  • Expert Medical Team: Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced OB-GYN doctors and nurse practitioners who are dedicated to providing top-tier medical care.
  • Advanced Technology and Techniques: We utilize state-of-the-art medical technology and innovative surgical techniques for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Personalized Care Plans: Understanding that each woman’s health needs are unique, we develop personalized care plans to address your specific health concerns.
  • Comprehensive Services: From routine exams to specialized procedures, we offer a full spectrum of gynecological services to cater to every aspect of women’s health.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: We prioritize your comfort and dignity, ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment for all our patients.
  • Proactive in Women’s Health Education: Our commitment to patient education empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and wellness.

At Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN, your health is our priority. We are committed to being your trusted partner in all aspects of gynecological care.

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