What Are Dense Breasts?

Perhaps you have recently received your mammogram report and have learned that you have dense breasts. What Does It Mean To Have Dense Breasts? The breast is composed of three types of tissue – fibrous, glandular, and fatty.  Breast density reflects the amount of fibrous and glandular tissue in the breasts as seen on mammograms.  […]

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What Can I Expect From A Robotic Hysterectomy?

In the past several decades, medical technology has advanced to an unprecedented degree, with the increased use of robotics being one of the marvelous changes. At Northside/Northpoint OB/GYN, our specialists can blend a combination of years worth of experience with the newest developments in surgical robotics to provide our patients with the safest and most […]

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Methods Of Delivery

What Is A BPP Test When we think of the birth of a child, we often think of a standard vaginal delivery. But not all babies are born that way according to the best OB/GYN in Atlanta, GA. Cesarean sections (C-sections) account for approximately one-third of all deliveries. Why are babies born via C-section? And […]

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