Preterm Labor Care


A normal pregnancy will last approximately 40 weeks. Preterm labor refers to labor that occurs before 37 weeks of pregnancy gestation. Additionally, cervical dilation >3 cm in the presence of uterine contractions at 20+0 to 36+6 weeks supports the diagnosis of preterm labor.

At Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN, our providers are qualified and experienced to provide the best treatment to ensure the safety of you and your baby. We provide the most appropriate medical care and perform the necessary procedures and tests to diagnose and treat preterm labor. 

Diagnosis and Treatment Options for Preterm Labor

  • Uterine Monitoring

We are equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasonography, medical tools, and equipment to provide you with the best care while attending to your pregnancy treatment needs. One of the tools we use for preterm labor diagnosis is a uterine monitor. Our health care specialists use this device to measure the spacing and duration of your contractions and monitor your baby’s heart rate.

  • Pelvic Exam

In some cases of preterm labor, we may perform a pelvic exam. If you are experiencing preterm labor symptoms and your water has not broken yet, we can perform this exam as a way of determining if your cervix has started to open.

  • Lab Tests

Based on your symptoms, our providers may need to examine your vaginal secretions to determine if your water has broken. We can also perform a test via vaginal swab that will help predict whether preterm delivery is near.

  • Ultrasound

We often use a transvaginal ultrasound to measure and determine the size of your cervix. This also helps us to confirm your baby’s position, estimate their weight, and to check for issues like low amniotic fluid level or issues likely to affect the placenta.

Preterm Labor Specialists You Can Count On

Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN is an integrated, Atlanta-based obstetric specialty group committed to providing special treatment to women with preterm labor and advance the well-being and health of all of our patients. In some instances, you may require a referral to a high-risk perinatal specialist for further management and treatment of your preterm labor. We collaborate with the top high-risk perinatal specialists within the Metro-Atlanta area to ensure you and your baby achieve the best health outcomes.

Affordable Premature Labor Medical Specialists

We provide an affordable and risk-free treatment plan to all our patients in Atlanta and the neighboring areas. At Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN, our cost-effective treatment analysis is customized to handle your unique needs to ensure success during the preterm labor period.

Call Us To Learn More About Preterm Labor

At Northside/Northpoint OB-GYN, we know prevention is better than cure, which is why we want to make you enlightened on everything you wish to know about premature labor. When you call us, our customer care team will provide you with trustworthy information to help you learn more about premature labor or birth. From treatment and diagnosis to prevention, we are your best source of information and care for preterm labor in Atlanta.

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