What Can I Expect From A Robotic Hysterectomy?

What Can I Expect From A Robotic Hysterectomy?

In the past several decades, medical technology has advanced to an unprecedented degree, with the increased use of robotics being one of the marvelous changes. At Northside/Northpoint OB/GYN, our specialists can blend a combination of years worth of experience with the newest developments in surgical robotics to provide our patients with the safest and most reliable robotic hysterectomy procedures. As a result, we have developed a reputation for possessing excellent and innovative surgical skills.

What Is A Hysterectomy?

A Hysterectomy is a procedure in which the uterus and cervix are removed.  Depending on the goal of surgery, removal of the fallopian tubes and or removal of the ovaries can be considered but this is a separate decision. If the ovaries need to be removed, a process is undergone called an oophorectomy.

many of the surrounding tissues are taken out to prevent malignant cells from spreading.

Why Do People Get Hysterectomies?

There are several different reasons why people opt for getting a hysterectomy procedure, including:

  • The presence of fibroids
  • Adenomyosis
  • Heavy periods
  • Severe pain during menses
  • Complications from endometriosis
  • Complications of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Reproductive cancers
  • Uterine prolapse

Endometriosis is a very commonly seen reason why hysterectomies are performed. The condition is excruciating and causes uterine tissue to grow in areas where it isn’t commonly found, resulting in cysts and scar tissue formation.

How Do Robotic Hysterectomies Work?

Originally, hysterectomies were highly invasive procedures that took a severe physical toll on patients. However, the expansion of laparoscopic technology in the 1980s allowed for tiny incisions to be made, and doctors can effectively use that to remove uterine tissue.

At Northside/Northpoint OB/GYN, we utilize the da Vinci Surgical System. This highly advanced and precise surgical tool requires only a few tiny abdominal incisions to perform surgical procedures. With this system, more complex surgeries are possible to perform.
Patients are sedated using anesthesia. Small tubular surgical instruments are then inserted into the abdomen. The surgeon operates the da Vinci system, controlling it using a specialized interface. The small laparoscopic cameras attached to the arms of the robotic system provide very high-quality imaging, and the components have a significant rotation ability, allowing for a much greater degree of movement than through tools held directly by a surgeon. Overall, the da Vinci system provides superior results by increasing flexibility, visibility, and precision.

Hysterectomy Recovery

Following a robotic hysterectomy procedure, patients should be able to go home within 24 hours. Blood loss is generally minimal, and pain is considerably less than traditionally more invasive procedures.

Although patients will be mobile within a short period following the surgery, a full recovery time in which patients should avoid strenuous physical activity can range from   3-4weeks.

If you need a Robotic Hysterectomy in Atlanta, GA, or are interested in a similar procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us at Northside/Northpoint OB/GYN for more information or book a consultation.

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