Deliveries at Northside Hospital-Atlanta and Northside Hospital-Forsyth

Like most modern practices, we are a group practice. Each of our physicians shares the duties for deliveries at the hospital.

On hospital days, the physicians do not see patients in the office and are completely dedicated to care for patients in labor and in the hospital. On office days, the physicians are completely dedicated to patient care in the office. For that reason, your doctor may not be on call in the hospital the day you deliver. We do encourage rotation of our obstetric patients for this reason. You as the patient are also receiving the benefit of care from multiple expert providers.

We provide delivery services at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. Choosing to deliver at Northside hospital in Forsyth or in Cherokee are also options, but these deliveries are performed by hospitalists. Hospitalists are doctors that do not have office hours, but rather commit full time to hospital duties. They are part of our large umbrella group Atlanta Women’s Health group, thus have access to your medical records. They also provide excellent patient care.

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