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Why Women Resort to a C-Section Procedure

Are you wondering why many women opt to have a Cesarean section? There are many reasons why a C-section is the procedure of last resort.

When the woman has encountered problems as she starts labor, many doctors shift to a C-section procedure. This is the common case when the baby is facing the wrong way and the woman has had a C-section before.

Some women choose C-section notwithstanding their healthy state for the purpose of choosing their delivery date. Others opt for the surgical procedure to avoid vaginal delivery. If there are no compelling medical reasons to do otherwise, the doctors may allow that choice.

However, elective C-sections are not recommended by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In fact, this procedure is frowned upon for pregnancy cases that aren’t 39 weeks old. Under these circumstances, C-sections are discouraged if the woman intends to have additional children in the future.

While generally safe, C-sections carry some risks that may affect the health of the mother and the baby. First off, there is a greater chance of infection and injury to organs with C-sections, which may be due to its longer recovery period. There is also the risk of heavy bleeding and blood clots.

Having undergone two or more C-sections can contribute to the likelihood of complications in future pregnancies. There may be a greater chance of bleeding, necessitating hysterectomy. Vaginal birth in the future may no longer be an option.

On the part of the baby, infants are likely to develop breathing problems. When this arises, they may be required to spend time in the neonatal ICU for observation. These children may also become prone to diabetes, allergies, asthma and obesity as they mature.